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September 2011

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Hiring "A Players" Requires an
"A+ Hiring Process"

You would think that with an unemployment rate hovering at around 9% coupled with fierce competition for jobs in the U.S. that employers would have their pick of top notch candidates when filling open positions. There are a multitude of candidates that apply for every one position, but they aren't necessarily the best candidates. The "A Players" are usually already working or have a choice of several different job opportunities.
The top talent pool becomes even more shallow when you take into consideration that recent unemployment rates for those with higher education and mid to high level skill sets show a downward trend.  According to a recent report titled, Analysis of the BLS Employment Situation Report July 2011, published by MRI Network, one of the largest executive search and recruitment organizations in the world, "The unemployment rate for those holding a Bachelor's degree or higher fell to 4.3 percent in July while the management, professional and related occupation rate remained flat year-over-year at 5 percent." These numbers are nearly half the national unemployment average.

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Are You Looking for an "A Player"?

We are currently representing: a "TOP of the Stack" Enterprise Software Sales Star
Over 12 years of consistent plan attainment, averaging well over $2M per year, year in and year out -- regardless of the economy.

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: a Financial Services Industry Expert
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HIM Resource Connection Group

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Q: I have several questions regarding recruiters.
How can I get
the attention of a recruiter?  Does a recruiter have to be located near where I live?  I am specifically qualified for a sales/sales management position. How do I find recruiters that specialize in my field? 

To get the attention of a recruiter, you must first know that companies can find all the talent they want if they are willing to accept that an individual may not have experience working in the industry they target or that they may not have the contacts necessary to bring an immediate impact. Unfortunately, for all of us, the typical company engages a recruiter to identify, recruit, and manage the onboarding process of individuals from their competitors or those that are currently top performers somewhere close to their industry and their target customers.

Now, how to get their attention! Identify recruiters that have a stake in your industry or industries. The best way to find them is to ask the people you know who have been contacted by them. Ask those in your industry--a former boss or co-worker, etc. Ask a customer. Ask your competitors. Ask around your professional associations. Networking for a recruiter is no different than networking with executives. You have to ask. Once you have the names you can use your network to gain influence and be a name dropper.

On location, the simple answer is no--a recruiter doesn't have to be in your area. However, it almost always pays to reach near and far. Most recruiters specialize in industries or disciplines, work across the country and have reach around the globe through well established networks. That said, they are often very in tune with their local market needs even if they are not specialized in a given field. The message here is reach for a specialist and touch base with the locals. You never know what you will learn.

Typically recruiters do not specialize in sales.   They specialize in sales talent for industries whose companies employ sales people. Almost all companies employ sales people or business development people in some capacity. To assume that all sales people have skills and technical acumen that are completely transferrable to any and all industries is like assuming all lawyers or all doctors have completely transferable skills. As noted earlier, it is best to seek out recruiters that have a stake in your industry.

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