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October 2011

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Happy New Year: January 1st Starts Now!

Happy New Year: January 1st Starts Now! 

Ahh, January 1st--the milestone that gives people a renewed sense of starting fresh. They make personal resolutions and set goals like weight loss, quitting smoking, or beginning a new exercise program. Businesses on the other hand, start looking forward to the first quarter of the New Year to redeem themselves financially by boosting their revenue.
No matter what business goals you set, whether they include increasing sales, getting new customers, building a pipeline, or hiring top-performing talent to drive your company's revenue by January 1st--you need to start right now!

If your plan is to improve your revenue streams by hiring top talent for the first quarter of the New Year, you don't start looking for top talent on the first day of the New Year, or even just four weeks before January 1st. To meet this goal you "need' revenue-generating, feet on the street, ON the first day of the first quarter of the New Year.

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Are You Looking for an "A Player"?

We are currently representing: a Proven Senior-Level Wealth Management Experience & Technical Investment Expertise
A seasoned, wealth management professional with benchmarked success developing, leading and advising Private and Institutional Wealth Management Clients, Teams, and Organizations.
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We are currently representing: a Seasoned Financial Services Industry Expert
With over 20 years of Financial Services Industry experience, this candidate's expertise includes investment portfolio management, sales, department management, investment banking, securities trading, training, and client servicing.
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We are currently representing: VP Sales Leader/Manager
This top-performer has over 14 years in the Document Solutions Industry and has proven his ability to boost revenue--regardless of the economy. He led his teams to finish up FY2010 well over 125% of targeted quota. 
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We are currently representing: Managed Print Services Consultant
If your company is looking to "up your game" in term of marketplace presence, gain significant MIF, and reach new levels of performance across the organization, you owe it to yourself to open a dialog with this driven Star Player.
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Q: Having crossed the 55-year-old milestone and recently downsized, I find myself in a situation. I traveled up to 100% of the time in past positions, and got paid quite well to do so. I find myself desiring less travel, am in a position to take less financial rewards if need be, and continue to be a dedicated team member; however, my resume rules out lesser responsibility positions from a recruiting standpoint. Additionally, if I don't have to relocate, my financial needs would be less than if I were to be required to move. How can these issues be addressed in a job search?  

A. The issues here are not uncommon or unexpected. Relocations are expensive, disruptive, and sometimes totally unnecessary.

The key here is to identify the competencies that make you a great hire. What matters is your skills and experience, ability to transfer knowledge, and your willingness to stay fully engaged. Now let's cover the items one at a time.

1) The desire to travel less can be mitigated in the search process by showing a willingness to travel up to 50% of the time--still a heavy schedule, but 50% less.

2) Resumes don't rule out lesser positions, nor do they dictate compensation packages. One also should not dumb down a resume. What needs to be done is to have a couple of different documents that highlight skills and experiences that a client would pay for at different levels. This is always difficult, but very manageable.

3) Relocation: If the right opportunity comes along and relocation is an option, then leave it at that. It is an option. Companies want to pay for relocation less than individuals want to relocate. Stay close to home, target local opportunities, and the issue will take care of itself. If an opportunity arises with a relocation attached, then evaluate it on its' merits. Keep all doors open. Money should not be the deciding factor in a relocation decision. The company, position, people, and actual work to be done should be the deciding factors matched up against the typical family issues of aging parents, grandchildren, lifestyle, and more.

The trick is to know one's evaluation points and target networking opportunities that make those the most likely to happen. Focus on local companies, those with nearby headquarters, or those with strong regional offices. Network with people in situations where you have influence and can get in front of them to show you still have the drive, desire, and willingness to do what it takes. Have the enthusiasm and willingness of a rookie to learn and grow, combined with the experience and knowledge of a veteran who can deliver. Who wouldn't want to hire that combination?

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We are currently conducting a search for:

Director of Physician Coding
Work for a "Fortune 100" Health Care Company in Sunny California Bay area!! (120-140K + bonus) 

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