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November 2011

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Morisey-Dart Gifts to Be Thankful For in 2011

Many Gifts To Be Thankful For in 2011

As we wind down 2011 and prepare for 2012 we have much to be grateful for. As a company Morisey-Dart Group is well into our 11th year of business.  Through the past 10 plus years there have been many opportunities to celebrate. We are very fortunate to have fabulous clients, highly motivated candidates, great business partners and an outstanding staff.
We listen daily to our clients and consistently hear messages of all types. Most carry some level of concern for our world. Others share a cautious optimism that we will find a world-wide balance that allows for more individuals and companies to prosper and grow. The same optimism is shared by our candidates who want nothing more than to grow personally and professionally.
Surprisingly to many, but not to us, we have had the best year of our 10 plus years in business during 2011. We have developed many new relationships on both the client and candidate sides of our business that leave me very positive on our prospects for next year and we have maintained or rekindled many more. We are thankful for the loyalty our clients and candidates have shown us over the years and look forward to sharing experiences with everyone next year and beyond.
With that in mind I would like to thank my team for their dedication to our clients and candidates. The professionalism they display is the reason we exist as a business.
Ted Faris, Todd Reynolds, Jill Caballero, Steve Spencer, and Angeline Plesek define who we are. With their continuous strive for excellence and desire to assist our partners in their success, they have challenged us as leaders to redefine the extent of our horizons. Our vision of who we are and who we will become is not limited by the talent we have on our team but on our ability to attract more talent for our own company, as well as for our clients.
Our relationship with MRINetwork is another great source of gratitude. The guidance and leadership provided to our team by the corporate team and our sister offices provides an amazing backdrop for our hard work. The dedication to the success of each and every office and the willingness for our partners to share without reservation provides our clients and candidates a broad reach into incredible resources. The availability of world-wide market intelligence and speed to market sourcing allows our clients to rely on us for more every year.
A simple "thank you" is not enough and there is no way for us to truly express the depth of our gratitude for allowing Morisey-Dart Group to be part of your businesses and your lives.
Wherever you are have a great holiday season.
Our next e-newsletter will come in January.

Dave Dart, Managing Partner

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Q: I am a seasoned advertising management professional with experience at the second and third levels of management. I have sent my resume to over 20 recruiters. I am now listed with six, but not one of them is calling me. My management skills are highly transferrable to any business-to-business service, but I've had no success. What am I doing wrong? I received a severance package from my last employer that is due to run out soon. What can I do?  

A. Without seeing a resume or cover letter this is a difficult question to answer. In general terms, recruiters treasure the individuals that work closely to their markets. Clients pay recruiters to know who can make a difference on their teams and create a short list of high potential candidates for their businesses. To get and keep a recruiter's attention, you really have to bring something special to the table.

I would have to know what your expertise is in within advertising, plus I'd want to know what type of  environment you worked in--Fortune 50, small business, etc.

In a recruiter's world, these factors matter. I could go on,  but my best comment with limited information is that you really need to dial in and identify precisely where and in what type of company you add the most value. Then contact recruiters that specialize in those exact areas, or close to it. They will have clients that will cause reach, but not a disconnect.

Right now we are all flooded with paperwork. Our clients are still  hiring, but they are being much more selective. What was a fit two years ago won't cut it today. Now the fit needs to be great, the candidate needs to be well-prepared, and has to have a history of strong accomplishments that stand out.

Blanket cover letters that simply tell people what you do or have done don't work any longer. They need to be customized to the audience and personalized to the reader. Your ability to gain the attention of a like-minded individual depends on you focusing on them first and how you can add value to the business relationship.

You are always on stage, so practice your communications and refine your style. Tape your opening lines and listen with the ear of a hiring manager. Remember that the ad only works if the audience remembers it. You may have to repeat it a few different ways before your personal brand is recognized.

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