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June 2011

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Executive Recruiters:
How to Tell the Difference between the
Good Apples and the Rotten Apples
Maybe you've had an experience with an executive recruiter, maybe not. Just like any other industry, there are good apples and bad apples...and some may say "rotten" apples.  If you've had a bad experience or no experience, here are some common myths you may have heard.
  • recruiters don't listen
  • recruiters just want  to fill a position
  • recruiters do little and really add no value for the money
These myths bring up a point. There are rotten apples, but what do you look for to find the good apples? What sets a "quality recruiter" apart from the rest of the ruthless pack?

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Looking For That Perfect Position? 

We are currently conducting a search for:
Director of HIM ($95-115K +)

Completely integrated Epic facility located in Central Florida looking for an entrepreneurial leader to grow their HIM department.  This is a very unusual cutting-edge environment offering this person the ability to build out their department as they see best.  Must be strong in building processes and using creative solutions.
Position requirements and information: 
- 5+ years as a Manager or Director of an HIM
- RHIA a must; Master's preferred
- Previous experience w/ fully integrated EMR;
  Epic preferred

If interested c
all 239-220-5137 or email: jcaballero@morisey-dart.com

Our client, an expanding community bank, is expanding throughout South Florida.  MDG is seeking experienced Business Bankers, Commercial Lenders (FL-Middle Market) & Treasury/Cash Mgt BDO's with benchmarked success.  Candidates with South Florida experience are preferred. 

If interested call 239-596-7280 ext. 14 or  email: treynolds@morisey-dart.com

work-life balance

Top 5 Companies for Work-Life Balance
(*Source: Glassdoor.com 2011)

According to data compiled by Glassdoor.com when it comes to balancing work with personal life, employees rated the following companies at the top of their game.

1.  Nestle Purina PetCare
3.  SAS Institute
4.  FactSet
5.  United Space Alliance
6.  Slalom Consulting
7.  Facebook
8.  Morningstar
9.  Susquehanna Int'l. Group LLP

Click here to see the entire top 25 list of companies for work-life balance.
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Q: My last position was eliminated and I have been consulting in the sales field while keeping an eye out for another opportunity. I have had approximately three interviews per month (for the last eight months) with senior-level people; however, I have not received an offer so far. I have strong interviewing skills, a successful track record, and a very positive attitude. Are the hiring managers being cautious, or is there just a plethora of strong candidates?

A: Hiring managers like to believe there is an unlimited bucket of talent with the perfect skill sets, cultural fits, industry expertise, and exceptional references available for every job they have, but the reality is that there are fewer and fewer highly qualified people available.

Similarly, candidates often believe their skill sets are more transferrable than they actually are. There is no doubt that leadership, organizational, P&L, and communications skills are generally transferrable and should be leveraged by many companies. This is where the plethora of candidates comes in. If the transfer of skills philosophy is true, then the number of candidates available with similar titles and nearby skill sets makes the decision process not only difficult, but somewhat like shooting in the dark.

From a hiring manager's standpoint, what can be done to narrow the field? One would say, "not much, I want to talk to everyone and then pick what's the best for me." Great concept, but Boards of Directors tend to want individuals today that can deliver an immediate impact to their core goals. Typically, that means hiring individuals that have a sphere of influence in their market space.

Here lies the answer for the candidate. It may vary based on what types of companies you are speaking with and how near or far you fall from "industry knowledge"; however, in general, I would say this: Narrow your search to a point where your industry expertise crosses the sphere of influence with your current or past employers.

Finally, I would engage an interview coach. Pick a professional, friend, recruiter, mentor, or other trusted advisor to practice with.

In the sales world, one would say, "customers buy benefits." Be sure that in the interview process your answers succinctly deliver a message of "what's in it for them?" Imagine the hiring manager as the buyer and it is your responsibility to deliver answers that provide him a reason to buy. Hiring managers need to envision how you will provide them a reasonable ROI. In interviews candidates tend to spend too much time on features (their skills) without linking them to the buyer's desired outcome. Many interviewers fail simply because they make the interview all about themselves. Yes, you are important, but only to a point where hiring you benefits a hiring manager.

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