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January 2012

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The War For Talent in 2012
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Strategies to Win the War for Talent in 2012

Whether your organization performed better than you anticipated in 2011, or less than ideal...the  question remains, "Do you want to set your business productivity, performance, and revenue goals higher for 2012?" The obvious answer is, "Yes, of course!!" Then the next question is, "But how?" And the only answer is, "By hiring top-talent!"

If the most recent economic turbulence has done nothing else, it has given companies the free pass they needed to make budget cuts, slash jobs, and restructure and streamline business processes for the long term. Unfortunately, they haven't come out of this unscathed. The workforce, "top talent" included, has been pushed into a corner and now they've lost "trust" in companies. Their overall loyalty to hiring organizations has waned. Top candidates have learned to look out for their own needs and because they are in high demand--they can afford to.

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Are You Looking for an "A Player"?

We are currently representing: a Business Territory Manager, Regional Manager with hundreds of successful complex enterprise software sales and implementations under his belt...

This professional has 7 years of continuous stellar success bringing a small capture/ECM player to national prominence and market dominance in his assigned theater of operations.

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We are currently representing
: a Results-Oriented Senior-Level Wealth Management & Commercial Lending Expert

A seasoned and accomplished commercial lending professional with over 15 years of success in new business development, competitive market expansion, and sales leadership. He has leveraged his experience and skills to increase profit, manage teams, and achieve corporate goals.

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Q: I am a sales and business professional with 20-plus years and a wide array of experience. I was general manager of a manufacturer's rep firm for over 15 years which included hiring, firing, HR, payroll, training, P&L, in addition to handling sales and customer service issues--all basic staples of a small business. I do have some of these listed on my resume, but is it better for me to search for a sales position? I also am a part-time travel agent, which I don't list on my resume. It's really my hobby and passion, but I have planned many corporate trips and events for executives. Is this considered a bonus or distraction? 

I see at least two resumes here; one for sales and the other for sales management. Each of these has a unique set of skills; although, the management resume would certainly incorporate some of the direct contributor high points. As the leader of a sales rep firm, many of the GMs have split responsibilities. Often they have both a set of customer service and management duties. This may require a 3rd resume tailored to the needs of a distribution type organization.
The rule here is to market to the audience. No one document is perfect for every position. What is a top bullet for one group might be a 4th bullet for another. Understanding the needs and culture of the potential employer will dictate the positioning of statements and facts on a resume.

Here's an example:

Company A is looking for a leader that has restructured a sales force and has driven results using a particular sales guru or program.

Company B is looking for a tenured leader with a history of leading a mature sales force through turbulent times.

The candidate may have done both; however, if one knows what a company is looking for, they simply modify their impact statements without misrepresenting the facts or having to totally re-write a document.

As for general postings on job boards, the candidate may want to post two different documents as well. If one has the talent to do two distinctly different jobs like manager or direct contributor and really is open to both, then I believe it is acceptable to have two postings.

As for a hobby, they are nice to have but can create potential distractions and should not be on a resume. Most leaders proudly display their hobbies around their desks and make for great discussion.

The rule is simple: Is the information I am displaying on my resume going to make the potential employer see a true value add for their organization? If so great. If not, leave it off.

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We are currently conducting a search for:

Corporate Coding Director:
This a great position to head up Corporate Coding department for an established consulting company with revenue of $6.1M. 

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