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February 2012

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Contract Staffing Increases in 2012

Contract Staffing Increases in 2012 as Employers Start to Realize Advantages

Contract staffing appears to be the hiring solution of choice for 2012.

Even though companies have learned to do more with less during economic uncertainty, there comes a point where they have to bring impact players on board to improve productivity, promote growth, or stay ahead of the competition...BUT what about those who are nervous when it comes to moving forward with permanent employees? Contract staffing allows them to put their toes back in the water without making the jump into hiring full force.

Recent studies, surveys, and reports show that employers want to "ease" into hiring this year for reasons that include not only employee salaries, but also the unknown insurance costs related to healthcare reform and low confidence levels in the financial arena.

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We are currently searching for: a Senior Research Associate
Our client is looking for a skilled, strategic thinker to take the lead as Senior Research Associate by providing accurate ad-hoc reports to the Marketing Department in their Tampa Operations office.
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We are currently searching for: an Enterprise Solutions Sales Specialist
The ideal candidate is a self-starter that has sold into supply chain and understands the value proposition. This sales professional will do research, prospecting, and call on clients within an assigned territory. 
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We are currently searching for: a Regional Sales Manager Production Printing Systems West Coast
This client is looking for an experienced and dynamic Regional Sales Manager to lead, guide, and motivate an already existing sales team through what often becomes a long sales cycle--and help them not miss the "quick" sales opportunities.
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Q: I am a 63-year-old senior executive currently serving as president of a consulting firm in the global bottled water industry. I have led public and private companies in this industry in the U.S. and abroad for over 20 years, with a very strong marketing and new product development background (Harvard MBA and Procter & Gamble Brand Manager). My primary skills are the home and office delivery segment of the bottled water industry and new business development (entrepreneurial/start-ups).

How do I become visible to the recruiter who is looking for a leader in this fairly esoteric area of home and office delivery (or other residential/commercial delivery service industries)? I have one more 5+ year opportunity to make a difference in a business venture, and want a shot at it, without being involved in the broad search and general "looking at everything," dedicated, senior executive effort.

There is a clear fit for me in this HOD niche, and I can excel in this specific arena, essentially any place in the world. However, I will continue to work full-time at my current position, and will not abuse the situation ethically by trying to work for one of our clients. I would appreciate any recommendations or ideas on how to be visible to those specific recruiters looking for this specific set of skills. Thanks in advance!

A. I am surprised that you don't already have a recruiter that you have used to build one or more of your businesses. Understanding that you are working and don't want to have your name bantered about, I would think you could quietly leverage your existing network.

In order to keep your intentions private and your position stable, you may want to reach out to a number of people that have worked on your teams and indicate to them that there may be "a need" for a recruiter that specializes in this arena--without telling the reasons, a simple request to former colleagues would go something like this: "I'm looking at couple of strategic options for my organization and am considering using an executive recruitment firm to assist. Who do you think I should talk to?"

On the surface, it appears like a question about hiring; however, it is actually a question about your future. The question is fair because your departure would create a strategic issue for your current company. You're not asking for any time investment on your colleagues' part so you don't have to worry about using someone, or feeling uncomfortable with the exchange. CEOs are always looking at strategic options so it should not raise any red flags. The goal is to get a name. If the same name comes up in a high percentage of calls, then your expert recruiter has been identified...then the next step is to start a conversation or not.

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