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Do You Make This Hiring Mistake?
(it could cause you to LOSE your next
"A Player"!)

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High Cost of Leaving a Job Position Unfilled in Your Company

When it comes to finding "A Players" to fill your open positions, are you losing before you even get started? Do you make a decision on a candidate after a 10 second resume scan?

Today, many hiring managers may look at a candidate's job history and make a decision to ditch the candidate before taking a deeper look. In other words, if a strong candidate has changed jobs more than the hiring manager thinks is sufficient, he or she may be passed over for the job. But this leads us to the next question, "Is it possible this career stereotype is being held over from a work-time gone by?"

In a time of contract workers and temporary assignments, is it so surprising that top candidates would consider their own self-preservation and growth first...especially when it comes to staying competitive in a fast-moving, global work world?

The truth is that you may have passed on top candidates without first understanding the reasons for their moves and passed on them without even taking the time to talk to them further.

If you think top talent that have changed jobs more than average are just uninterested, fly-by-nighters--here are some of the most admirable characteristics commonly held by these top-performing professionals:

1) Life-Long Learning - always looking for opportunities that are intellectually rewarding, want to learn more and stay on top of their skill set. These candidates don't want to feel unchallenged in their thinking.

2) High Performance - generally give their all to the current mission. Their focus is on the project-at-hand and the short-term goals. They don't fall into the comfortable corporate seat that a veteran employee might, but want to be known as strong performers.

3) Confidence & Maturity - it takes confidence to pick up and move from a stable, safe work environment to take on a new career challenge. For these "A Players" it's too easy to forego professional and personal growth by settling into career complacency--they would rather grow professionally by leaving their comfort zone.

If you want to boost your organization's fire power and get away from outdated workplace models of yesteryear…you might want to take a closer look at top talent that is on the move upward!

Hiring Managers: Your Candidates Are Preparing for the Job Interview...Are You?

It's a "candidate driven" job market...this changes everything in the interview process.

An organization's hiring managers are more important than ever when it comes to courting and ultimately hiring the top performers in an industry. Your hiring managers could be that vital link that bridges the gap between your company and whether or not the potential candidate accepts your offer of employment. 

According to research published by Bersin by Deloitte, a firm that delivers research-based strategies to help business leaders improve business performance, hiring managers play a crucial role when it comes to talent acquisition,

"Developing strong relationships with hiring managers is the top driver of talent acquisition performance. Our research shows that this is the top driver of TA performance and four times more influential than the other performance drivers (out of 16 discussed in the main report). The impact of effective hiring manager relationships is realized through not only smarter hiring decisions and increased productivity but also with the greater perception of talent acquisition as a whole in the organization."

Top performing candidates will prepare for their interviews with your hiring managers, but it's also important that the hiring managers prep for "each" candidate. Why? Every top performing candidate is unique in his or her situation and each has different drivers...hiring managers need to know those drivers and tap into them during the interview.

If you have your eye on an "A Player", it's in your best interest as a hiring manager to do your homework and know what questions to ask the candidate during the interview. If you are working with a good recruiter, he or she will help you prep for the interview so you know what's important to your potential employee to help close the deal, get him/her on board, and start making positive change in your organization.

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How Important is Social Media to Your Next Career Move?

A recent article published on titled, 35% of Employers Less Likely to Interview Applicants They Can't Find Online, stresses the growing importance of creating and maintaining certain social media profiles for professional purposes. An increasing number of recruiters and hiring managers try to use these profiles to complete a professional picture of you and your career history.

This gives you a chance to showcase those professional accomplishments and skills you are most proud of. On the other hand, be cautious about personal content that could cast you in a negative light. According to the article, "Six in 10 (60 percent) employers are 'looking for information that supports their qualifications for the job.'"

Take advantage of this opportunity to make your career shine!

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May 2015
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It's difficult to get noticed in a sea of resumes--when you finally do, you need to be ready. Don't waste the opportunity you've been given. Getting the interview is just the beginning, now the real work begins.

You'll want to take a look at these 5 important tips you can use to get ready for your interview and improve your chances of getting the job.

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