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3rd Quarter 2012

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How to Create a Successful Onboarding Process

How to Create a "Successful" Onboarding Process for Your New Hires

A successful onboarding process starts from the moment a job candidate accepts an offer from your company and can continue for several months in some cases. So, what is an effective onboarding process?

It's a planned process that helps a newly hired professional become acclimated with his position and your company. It allows him to ease into his role gradually, making it more comfortable to handle the transition while learning new things, understanding the business, melding into the company culture, and building relationships with other employees throughout the organization.
Are you looking for an impact player?    Are You Looking for an Impact Player?

We are excited to be representing the following candidate:
Experienced & Motivated MPS Director
High-level MPS Business Consultant is available to start/turnaround/grow your MPS practice.  Impeccable credentials, track record and capabilities.  A rare MPS professional.

For more info call Steve Spencer at 239-963-4295.

How an Onboarding Process Can Help Retain Employees

How a Solid Onboarding Process Can Help You Retain Your Top Talent
(and give you a return on your investment)

From start to finish, the hiring process can be lengthy and complex with so many steps, people, negotiations, and costs involved. When a new hire is finally set up with a start date, many may think the hiring process has finally ended...and now on to the next one. Ideally your process should continue to another essential phase...onboarding.

The Case for Onboarding

Why should you be concerned about a solid onboarding process?

According to Dave Dart, Managing Partner of the Morisey-Dart Group, "This is where you set the tone, positive or negative, for a new hire's career with your organization. All of the time, energy, and costs that were expended during the hiring process are at risk if your company doesn't have a proper onboarding process--especially when "top talent" is involved."
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We are currently conducting a search for:

403b Financial Advisors
Frustrated with your current employer/looking for the next level? This is a viable opportunity with a turn-key sales process. Current opportunities located in S.E. Florida and N. New Jersey, but other locations can be considered. Contact Todd Reynolds at 239-596-7280 ext. 14
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Sales Training Manager
Are you still looking for that position that offers you the chance of a lifetime? Help develop and train sales professionals to EXCEL! Sales Training Manager for leading office automation/networking firm, Chicago. Contact Steve Spencer at 239-963-4295.
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Click here to see a list of more current job opportunities.

Will you have to work on a project before you get a job offer?
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Are There Changes Ahead in the Executive Job Search Process? Will You Have to Prove Your Expertise Through "Live" Projects?

In the last e-newsletter we asked experts if they thought the cover letter was dead...a recent Harvard Business Review article addreses resumes and the "new" type of job interview process--pre-employment projects.

Read this interesting article to see just how the executive job search process may be changing in the future...

Will you have to work on a "live" project before you get that next job offer?

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