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Stop Wasting Time in a Candidate Driven Market

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Stop Wasting Time in the Hiring Process

It's the end of the first quarter for 2016 and the number one hiring challenge is finding and attracting top talent in the current "candidate-driven" market before your competition does.

According to a survey conducted by DHI Group, Inc. in November of 2015:

"Turnover continues to be an issue for employers with 43 percent of corporate respondents noting that voluntary turnover has increased at their companies…"

As jobs open up, candidates are feeling more confident when it comes to leaving their current positions for other opportunities that may offer higher salaries, new challenges, and career growth. This means it will be more difficult to keep and/or find top talent in your industry.

"The latest survey found 61 percent of hiring managers and recruiters in the U.S. anticipate more hiring in the first half of 2016…"

The reality is that employees changing companies coupled with business growth, means more employers have to hire to keep up with the competition in their industries.

"In a sign of increased competition among employers, more than a third (37%) of hiring managers are seeing more counteroffers."

Out of desperation to hold on to top talent, employers extending counteroffers is on the rise--making it even more difficult to lure the best talent to your business.

Tighten up your hiring process

Your best defense against these hiring obstacles (higher turnover, increased need for new hires, and more counteroffers) is to improve your process by shortening the time it takes to make a decision on your best candidate, making an offer, and getting him or her onboarded as soon as possible.

It is a myth that taking your time to find the perfect candidate is the way to go.

A slow hiring process does not mean you'll get a better pool of top talent. In many cases it can backfire on you instead because it will appear to prospective employees that your company can't make a decision (having a negative reflection on your company's brand) and give your top talent time to change their minds about joining your organization and going to your competition.

Is Your Company Keeping Up with Mobile Trends in the Hiring Process?

No one seems to leave home these days without a mobile device.

This has a tremendous effect on how business is conducted …and this should include your company's hiring/recruiting efforts.

According to a blog post, mobile devices are playing a more important role in the hiring/recruiting process:

-"86 percent of active candidates use their smartphone to begin a job search."

-"70 percent of active candidates want to apply via mobile."

-"55 percent want to upload a 'resume' to your career site."

This means that your company's hiring process for job applications and other related communications should be accessible and readable on your candidates' mobile devices, or you could potentially be missing out on top talent.

If time plays an important role in getting top talent before the competition, it's in your organization's best interest to take advantage of mobile device tools that speed up candidate response times and ultimately the hiring process.

Potential job candidates should be able to do everything on their mobile devices that they can do on a desktop computer--ideally within only one or two clicks. (or taps)

The candidates' ability to apply and communicate quickly on mobile devices is a "must" in the current business environment…it will keep you ahead of the competition when it comes to getting the top talent you need to drive your business growth.  


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