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Picking Up the Pace: "Top Talent" is in High Demand for 2015
Companies that move slow in the hiring process could lag behind

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High Cost of Leaving a Job Position Unfilled in Your Company

Many hiring managers are extra cautious about making quick hiring decisions because they want to hire the best candidates possible; however, what ends up happening is that they take so long in the hiring process, that they lose the best, most qualified candidates. The impact players in any industry won't wait around and lose out on other offers. The result is--the longer the process, the lower quality of hires that are available.

If your organization doesn't pick up the pace in the hiring process, you are more likely to lose the top candidates and have to settle for second best. Keep in mind that you're not the only one seeking out the "best"; they are being courted by other hiring managers and getting multiple offers at once, increasing the probability that they may be "off the market" by the time your organization makes a decision.

According to a recent article published on,"...many higher quality candidates receive and accept another offer before the current hiring process they are involved in is even completed one-third of the way through."

The article makes the point that the current hiring systems were primarily developed to hire the unemployed and that top candidates have little time or desire to go through lengthy hiring processes that are very common in business today.

One solution that is mentioned is a rapid hiring process called, "one-day hiring."

While most hiring managers and decision makers in your organization may never agree to such a drastic and accelerated hiring process, speeding things up a bit could improve your business's overall quality of hires. Additionally, it creates a sense of urgency that can lead to higher acceptance rates, and can reduce candidate dropout rates commonly experienced during long hiring processes.

Although this option is not for every job, it could be used for those positions that require top performers or in areas where there is a shortage of talent.

Most of the candidate pre-qualification and assessment process is done ahead of time (including reference checking), before the actual interview takes place so that the offer can be made immediately should the decision makers want to hire an impact player on the spot.

As Geoffrey James, contributing Editor of, so succinctly put it, "When you have someone that fits well, move quickly...before they get hired by someone else."

Signs of a Candidate-Driven Market


"Three-quarters of job offers that were rejected came after only the second or third interview. Most commonly, the time between the first interview a candidate has and an offer rejection falls between one and four weeks."

(Originally published on, December 2014) this article


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Are You Ready for Your Next Job Interview?


"Job seekers tend to spend all of their time preparing answers, but the questions that they ask can be as revealing to hiring managers who may see questions as a measure of candidate engagement and interest. Inversely, interviewing the future boss is also a good way to find out if the job and company are a good fit...."

(Originally published on,
January 2015
) this article


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"Job boards typically yield a dismal estimated 5% success rate, especially for c-suite and senior-level executives."

(Originally published on,
January 2015
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