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Need Top Talent? ACT NOW!
 Need Top Talent for Your Organization? ACT NOW!

It's summertime...the time of year when the weather around the nation is more enjoyable for most, summer hours kick in, and decision makers and their employees tend to take their vacations. This means that the hiring process usually goes on the back burner...but at what cost?  

Do you want your organization to end the year strong while your competitors are just starting to think about revving up for the new year? Your team can already be in high gear and running at 100% plus by January 1st of 2015...but how? You need to hire your A-Players now! Don't wait until September to start looking for them, that's what your competitors are doing.

Take full advantage of what your competition may call, "the slow time of the year," and use it as a time to seek out, find, and hire the best talent in your industry.

A recent article written by Donna Fuscaldo of (see below) explains why moving too slowly when it comes to hiring the best and brightest can work in your competitors' favor.

How To Speed Up Hiring For Sought After Skills

"Companies don’t want to make the wrong hiring decision but indecisiveness can also hurt, and hurt a lot. When competing for sought after skills, speed is of the essence yet many companies fail to act and often watch their dream candidate slip through their hands."

(Originally published on, June 2014)
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From the Recruiter's Desk...

Inter-Market Movement...
The Morisey-Dart Group Knows That "No Book" Doesn't Have to Mean "No Thanks"

by Beth Terron, Executive Recruiter Banking & Finance

(If you change out the this you?)

Whether a Commercial Lender working with multi-billion dollar companies in Chicago, a Business Banker structuring credits for owner-operated mom and pops outside of Louisville, or an Agricultural Specialist closing deals on the hood of a truck to finance a 1000-acre livestock deal in rural Indiana, the success of all these opportunities stem from one place —a solid relationship.

Since every deal that brings the right type of revenue to your institution does begin with trust, market knowledge, and rapport, we can understand that at most times you would prefer to add someone to your team who is entrenched in the market, with local ties and a listing in the Chamber of Commerce. However, there are times when the lending climate and financial temperature of your local environment calls for a horse of a different color, in this case, a banking professional without a local book of business already in place.

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We've updated the top talent we continue to recruit; click below for a representation of what we've found!

The Morisey-Dart Group Talent Vault

We are currently conducting a search for:

#1330 Business Banker - Chattanooga, TN

New position requiring 100% new business development; calling on small businesses with credit needs up to $2 million. Will have the ability to do larger deals up to $7.5 million (legal lending limit). 3+ years of calling experience in the Chattanooga market; looking for excellent new business generation skills, a throrough understanding of credit, and an active and effective COI network.

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#1299 Vice President - Commercial Banking - Iowa City, IA
Opportunity to manage and grow one of the banks strongest portfolios, manage current clients as well as continuing to grow portfolio with strong, clean deals...

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#1418 Maintenance Manager - Automotive / Robotics / Automation / Machining - Birmingham, AL
The Challenge: Provide leadership across the plant while leading a team of 25 Maintenance Technicians, Supervisors and Skill Tradesmen as the third ranking executive in the organization. Having a background in Robotic Automation Processes is an absolute requirement for this role...

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#1382 National Product Manager - Virginia Beach, VA
This highly strategic individual will be responsible for the development, implementation and management of all marketing plans to maximize sales, growth and profitability for a National Management of multiple innovative Spinal implant and Biologic product lines. Experience having done so with highly technical medical products & procedures is an absolute requirement for this role.

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 About The Morisey-Dart Group:

The Morisey-Dart Group executive recruitment firm partners with clients to find the impact players needed to solve problems, meet demands for growth, and control costs, while improving efficiency.  They are specialists in areas such as Construction, Document Management Solutions, Managed Print Services, Medical Device,  Health Information Management (HIM),  Financial Services, and Banking and Legal industries.

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